Szijjarto discusses Ukraine’s education law with Klimkin and Mitchell

Ukraine’s contested new education law will be in the focus of an extraordinary trilateral meeting on Wednesday between Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, Ukrainian counterpart Pavlo Klimkin and US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchell.

The meeting will take place at Hotel Intercontinental in Paris and will also be attended by head of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association Laszlo Brenzovics, foreign ministry deputy state secretary Tamas Menczer said on Tuesday.

Szijjarto met Brenzovics in Budapest last week to discuss the education law and the two were in agreement that it “essentially impairs minority rights” and the most effective way to resolve the conflict would be to amend it. However, since the Venice Commission assessed the law, the Ukrainian government has not consulted with either the Hungarian government or the Transcarpathia’s Hungarian minority, he added.

Mitchell and Szijjarto met in Washington, DC last week and agreed on the need to find a solution as soon as possible, This is what led to the forthcoming trilateral meeting, Menczer said.

Source and photo: MTI


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