Has Fidesz’s “lie factory” about migration collapsed?

Ruling Fidesz’s migration policy has failed, the head of the strongest opposition party, Jobbik said on Monday. According to Fidesz, it’s Gabor Vona’s credibility that collapsed.

Gabor Vona said the people that Hungary had granted asylum in the past three years are “not Coptic Christians or children, nor did they knock on the door” as the government has claimed. He said that the asylum-seekers had not been screened and “a number of them are dangerous criminals unfit for integration”.

“It turned out that among the people resettled by Viktor Orban there are numerous criminals dangerous to the society, migrants incapable of integrating,”

he stated.

Vona suggested that the government media is silent about crimes committed by refugees in Hungary but insisted that those crimes included mugging, sexual assault, human smuggling or prison riot.

Regarding the recent press reports that the government provided rented flats for immigrants, he said: these people are not leaving, it even turned out that the government wants to keep them here with flats. While rents have doubled in Budapest, and masses of Hungarian youth emigrate, because there are no decent housing opportunities, the government spent tens of millions on helping immigrants.

“The government is unable to protect Hungary; they have only used migration as a tool to manipulate society”.

According to Gabor Vona, Viktor Orban didn’t even want to solve the problem of migration, he used the crisis to manipulate and scare the society, while he was lying to the people and spend 22 billion forints.

He also said that today Jobbik is the only force capable of protecting Hungary. He reminded that it was Jobbik who first proposed the border fence.

The Jobbik leader called on Sandor Pinter, the interior minister, to report to parliament’s national security committee, while Prime Minister Viktor Orban should be questioned in a special session of the national assembly.

Fidesz reacted in a statement to Vona’s remarks, according to the ruling party the credibility of Jobbik’s president collapsed, because he’s “incredibly two-faced” in immigration policy too. Among other things, Fidesz accused Jobbik of not supporting the amendment of the constitution against resettlement of migrants, while Jobbik says it’s Fidesz that didn’t support a number of their motions. Fidesz attacks Jobbik by claiming they boycotted the referendum agaisnt the quota, but Jobbik denies this by saying they were speaking in support of the vote.

Fidesz stressed that the migration policy of the government and the ruling parties hasn’t changed. But they admitted that they are respecting the international treaties and if someone is eligible for international protection, Hungary provides temporary shelter. Fidesz also wrote in the statement that they expect the government to expel or inprison those with protected status, who commit crimes. By this they admitted that the press information, that there were criminals among those whom the government accepted, are true.

The Ministry of Interior reacted in a statement to Vona’s press conference. They wrote that nobody, not even those who received international protection, can avoid the law, if they commit crimes. They are expelled or inprisoned. “It’s an unfortunate, but not hidden fact that among those who received international protection, there have been people who abused their temporary shelter and committed crimes, despite the fact that according to their background check it was not foreseeable. But these incidents – often with international cooperation – were all discovered by the Hungarian police which acted according to the criminal law”, the ministry wrote.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal


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