Szijjarto didn’t know about Gorka’s arrest warrant

Hungary’s foreign minister Peter Szijjarto was not aware of the arrest warrant issued in Hungary against Sebastian Gorka, the Hungarian-born former advisor of Donald Trump, the MFA told The Hungarian news site reported about the arrest warrant, because Szijjarto met Gorka in Washington last March.

According to Gorka is wanted for firearm or ammunition abuse, but it’s unclear what he did, because the police hasn’t disclosed more details. The ministry told the news site that it’s part of their protocol to browse before meeting senior White House staff.

After the news reached the international press, Gorka said that incident dates back to 2009, but he moved to the US in 2008. The formed advisor called the articles “fake news”. Speaking to Breitbart, Gorka denied the arrest warrant, and asked the Hungarian authorities to provide an explanation. According to the incident might have happened in 2009, the warrant was issued in 2016.

Hungary Journal



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