Szel: Fidesz has rebuilt communism

Leaders of the Hungarian parliament should not allow the ruling parties to make the operation of the national security committee impossible, the co-leader and prime ministerial candidate of green opposition LMP said on Saturday.

Speaking at a press conference, Bernadett Szel said the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance was seeking to boycott the work of the national security committee and ban her from it based on “ridiculous and trumped-up accusations”.

Earlier this week, Szilard Nemeth, the (Fidesz) deputy head of the committee, said Szel was not welcome at a committee hearing focusing on the “Soros Plan”, arguing that she and her party served the interests of US financier George Soros.

Szel said the “attacks being mounted” against her and her party demonstrated that Fidesz had started a “crackdown on reality”. Szel said Fidesz had reason “to consider her dangerous”, arguing that she had made the party’s members in the committee sit through “many uncomfortable hours” in recent years by “uncovering the truth”.

Szel said she considered it her right and duty to take part in the work of the national security committee. She said that as long as she was a member of the committee, “there would always be one representative who would reveal the truth that Fidesz-KDNP considers uncomfortable”.

Szel said Fidesz had “rebuilt communism” in Hungary by “creating a spy regime, engaging in government propaganda while smearing and shaming people” all because “they want to steal but are incapable of governing”.

Szel was asked about press reports saying that an expert she had hired who was born in Afghanistan and had worked for an organisation called the Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary (MigSzol) had been deemed a national security risk. Szel called the reports “outright lies” and said they violated state secrecy laws. She said LMP had no connections to MigSzol and that none of the party’s experts were doing any work they were not authorised to do.

Source and photo: MTI

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