“Fidesz and Jobbik switched places”

Marton Gyongyosi, Jobbik’s politician responsible for foreign policy gave an interview to right-wing conservative daily Magyar Nemzet. The strongest opposition party’s lawmaker thinks that internationally Jobbik’s more and more seen as the party of common sense, while Fidesz moved to the extreme right.

Gyongyosi told the newspaper that as foreign minister, one of his most important tasks would be to restore Hungary’s international prestige. According to the Jobbik politician, the country has been discredited in the last seven years, and marginalised in Western relations. He reminded: in 2010 Jobbik promoted the eastern opening to restore the balance. But Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto put the eastern opening in the center of the foreign policy, in a wild and counter-productive way, harming Western relations.

According to the Jobbik politician, Hungary’s policy towards big powers has no concept. He thinks Chinese-Hungarian relations are driven entirely by China’s ideas, while Hungary is sending 30-year-old people to Beijing as ambassadors, when seniority is very important in China.

Regarding Russia, he said the government is supporting the anti-Russian sanctions which harm Hungary’s interest, while loses all remaining trust of Western allies with unsubstantiated bilateral talks (with Moscow). He added that most of the big investments with Russia are likely to be corrupt and not transparent.

Gyongyosi criticised Hungarian foreign policy, which is too much influenced by internal policy fights.

The politician also said that Jobbik’s reputation has significantly changed recently.

“We have reached the point when we can say: we can bring real information about Jobbik anywhere We are organising closed working breakfasts with ambassadors, where we invite the ambassadors, but traditionally it’s often a specialised diplomat who is coming. Here the picture is already balanced, there are as many western countries as eastern”, he said.

According to Gyongyosi, it’s no exaggeration to say that in the international discourse Jobbik is seen as a center people’s party which represents common sense, unlike Fidesz which moved to the extreme right.

Hungary Journal

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