Hungary lets in the refugees that knock on its door

Hungary’s policy is unchanged: it will not take in migrants or resettle anyone in the country, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told public Kossuth Radio on Friday morning. Recently, undersecretary Kristof Altusz admitted to a Maltese newspaper that the Hungarian government let in migrants to the country. According to the opposition, it’s proven that Viktor Orban’s government has been deceiving the people since 2015 while spending billions on anti-migrant propaganda. The government claims to have accepted refugees, not migrants.

The government doesn’t let in migrants, only refugees

The Hungarian government never accepted the European Union’s rules on migrant quotas, and therefore “no one can demand themselves any rights based on those” in Hungary, the prime minister stressed.

But he admitted – referring to the 1,300 refugees admitted by Hungary last year -, that Hungary complies with international treaties on asylum that have been recognised by the country’s legal system, adding that if someone is in need of international protection, Hungary will provide them with temporary protection. This might sound peculiar from Hungary’s PM, since those NGO-s and human rights organisations which questioned the government about respecting the Geneva Convention, were called George Soros’s agents.

Now Orban said that these people differ from the illegal migrants who ran over the border, because they “knocked on the door” seeking protection, adding that most of them are unaccompanied children and women. If they are indeed in need of protection, Hungary will grant that on a temporary basis. But once they no longer require protection, they need to go back to the country they came from, Orban insisted, adding that they would never become Hungarian citizens. Currently, there are 491 asylum seekers in the country, Orban added.

Interior Minister Sandor Pinter refused to tell a press conference on Wednesday, where they admitted refugees come from and where they are now, and he didn’t share any details about their gender and age either. But he admitted that Hungary is financially helping them, there are some who live on benefits or work, and the state is responsible for the children’s schooling.

The government used to attack those NGOs which financially helped migration and advertised on billboards that they won’t let the jobs of Hungarian people to be taken away.

„Stop Soros”

Orban spoke about the “Stop Soros” legislative package too, he said it will “create a new situation” in which “all, including George Soros, can decide if they stop or continue organising and supporting illegal migration”. If he continues to do so, the law will concern him too, he added.

Regarding the package – which he explained with the results of the national consultation -, Orban explained: “pseudo-civil groups managing illegal migration” will be required to submit special reports to the authorities and their finances will be “scrutinised under a magnifying glass”, they will pay a 25 percent tax – based on their budget – on “funds used to support migration” including funds from the European Union. People “affected” will be banned from border zones including Budapest’s international airport, while foreign nationals could be banned from the country, Orban said.

“We want to keep everybody outside the country whose activities are fundamentally against the interests of the Hungarian people”, Orban said, when asked whom the restraining order concerns.

He highlighted his government wanted to prevent the country from becoming a destination for immigrants, and sought to thwart “those that organise and finance migration”. Orban said that the new laws would help “keep out of the country” those that continue supporting illegal migration.

Regarding the package’s name, “Stop Soros”, he said that the US billionaire “openly claims that he spends a tremendous amount of money on organising and supporting migration”. He has a plan, under which the problem is the [border] fence, while migration could resolve the future of Europe; the Hungarian government has the opposite view: migration is the problem and the fence is the solution.

“Our duty is to do everything to stop the Soros plan”, he stated.

According to the opposition, the Hungarian government has fallen into its own trap, when it turned out they secretly let in migrants, thus executing the “Soros plan” themselves. The number of people admitted last year equals with the quota which the EU initially determined for Hungary. The opposition complains that the government spent billions on anti-migration propaganda, organised an expensive referendum, and Orban repeatedly said that Hungarians have the right to determine who they want to live together, but now it turned out they admitted refugees/migrants without asking the Hungarian people. NGOs and human rights organisations are complaining that when they were reminding the government of respecting the Geneva Convention, they were called Soros agents.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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