“The Orban govt’s anti-migrant stance the scam of the century”

The political storm is not fading in Hungary, since it turned out that despite its anti-migration campaign the Orban government let in migrants to the country. The government says it only follows the Geneva Convention, and provides shelter to refugees, while the opposition thinks that cabinet has been inciting and deceiving the people, and those who have been speaking about real refugees, have been branded agents of George Soros.

At a press conference on Thursday, Jobbik’s chairman and prime ministerial candidate Gabor Vona called the issue of the accepted migrants the “scam of the century”. The strongest opposition party’s leader thinks Viktor Orban has been lying to the people for three years. They spent 22 billion forints on this “tsunami of lies”, now they’re caught and try to explain themselves, he said.

Gabor Vona said the government’s communication collapsed under its own lies. He recalled that on Wednesday’s press conference, Minister of Interior Sandor Pinter said he knows where those people are but he can’t tell. Vona noted that no legislation bans him from disclosing this information of public information, so they are waiting for answers. Pinter also admitted that the Hungarian state is helping the daily life of the accepted migrants: “There is a specific rule which determines how and with how much money we support the integration of these families, these people”. Jobbik wants to know where the accepted migrants come from, where they are, where they work and what benefits they receive. Pinter also said that from warzones even murderers can arrive. Vona stated that “didn’t only lie, but became unable to protect the security of the country”.

He also said that the government is not only lying, but it’s also coward, as Jobbik lawmaker Daniel Z. Karpat invited state secretary Csaba Domotor to a public debate, like Gabor Vona invited Viktor Orban, but neither of them accepted.

Jobbik turns to the local councils, and asks them whether migrants have arrived to their localities. The strongest opposition party collected enough signatures for an extraordinary session of the parliament.

“During the last three years, the Orban government spent several tens of billions of forints on national consultations, referenda and campaigns about migration, while resettlements were happening. The extraordinary session is supported by LMP and Socialist lawmakers too, so now it’s only up to Fidesz whether it ensures the quorum”, the party said.

Hungary Journal

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