Press info: Soros can’t prove he’s a Hungarian national

After implying that the new “Stop Soros” package could make it possible to ban George Soros from entering Hungary, Origo claims that according to their sources, the American financier cannot prove that he has a Hungarian citizenship.

Soros has no Hungarian passport, he can’t prove that he is a Hungarian citizen, which means that he can be banned from entering Hungary, Origo claims.

According to the “Stop Soros” legislative package presented by Government Spokesman Zoltan Kovacs and Interior Minister Sandor Pinter, “it would be possible to issue restraining orders against those who take part in organising illegal immigration. In essence, such restraining orders would apply in any area that is within 8 kilometres of the Schengen border. In special cases, a third-country citizen would be subject to a restraining order anywhere within Hungary. This measure would remain in force until the end of the migration crisis”.

There have been speculations in Hungarian press regarding the new legislation. A Hungarian national cannot be banned from the country, and he can move freely in the Schengen Zone anyway. Journalists asked Kovacs and Pinter whether the restraining order would concern Soros, and they replied that according to the proposed legislation, authorities wouldn’t be determining who is involved in helping illegal migration, but it would be based on selfdeclaration. The two government officials gave confusing answers when asked that if they don’t think that Soros is helping illegal migration, does it also mean that they doubt the existence of the “Soros plan”.

According to Agoston Samuel Mraz, head of the pro-government Nezopont Institute think tank, the “Stop Soros” package is merely symbolic, so according to observers, news about banning Soros are speculations in the pro-government press, and it’s unlikely that the government will indeed fulfil this “promise”.

Left-leaning international jurist Tamas Lattmann (who also proposed himself to be the left-liberal alliance’s prime ministerial candidate) called the package is “ridiculous”. Speaking to, Lattmann said the government is unlikely to officially submit the proposed legislation to the parliament, because it would immediately fail. He stressed that the legislation would be against the constitution, the government is well aware of this, and they just want to thematise the public discourse. According to opposition press, the government wants to draw away attention from the case of the “1300 secretly accepted migrants”.

Hungary Journal

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