New US ambassador selected

According to Hungarian daily Magyar Idok the next American ambassador to Budapest is Republican-leaning David Cornstein.

Cornstein’s appointment can come after Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto’s recent visit to Washington. The appointee will have to attend a hearing in the Senate.

Since Barack Obama’s political appointee Colleen Bell left Budapest after Donald Trump’s inauguration, the embassy has been led by Chargé d’Affaires David Kostelancik.

During his visit in Washington, Peter Szijjarto said he expects a new chapter in US-Hungarian relations. Several Hungarian politicians and experts have said that the US State Department is still dominated by the Obama-era diplomats, and it takes time for the Oval Office to influence US foreign policy. Kostelancik has heavily criticised the Hungarian media climate, and the State Department even launched a programme to fund “objective” rural media in Hungary, causing outrage in the Hungarian government.

A CV of David Cornstein can be found here.

According to Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, neither the US Embassy, nor the State Department or the White House could confirm Cornstein’s appointment. According to their sources, Cornstein is “a Jewish businessman” who said before that he has Russian and Hungarian roots too.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Getty Images


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