Pro-govt expert: the “Stop Soros” action plan is only symbolic

It seems that the so far confident government communication is confused. Minister of Interior Sandor Pinter couldn’t confirm that the “Soros plan” exists. Agoston Samuel Mraz, head of the pro-government Nezopont Institute think tank told a pro-government newspaper that the action plan against George Soros is just a political product before the parliamentary elections.

The Orban government has been effectively claiming that the pro-immigration “Soros plan” exists, and it poses a threat to Hungary. In connection with that, the “Stop Soros” package was announced on Wednesday. The proposed bill, which will be put forward for social debate, would require the supporters of illegal migration to disclose data and place a 25 percent duty on the funding they receive from abroad, in addition to which it would enable citizens – including foreign citizens – who organise immigration to be served with newly introduced immigration restraining orders.

The opposition and the not-pro-government press is heavily criticising the government’s communication. One of the reasons is that Agoston Samuel Mraz, the director of the pro-government Nezopont Institute told the also pro-government daily Magyar Idok that the “Stop Soros” measure is connected to the parliamentary elections in April, it’s symbolic, and it shouldn’t be expected that it will make the American businessman change his opinion, or that the NGOs he funds will stop their activities.

The head of the Nezopont Institute told weekly Heti Valasz last autumn, that the national consultation about the “Soros plan” is aimed at keeping the voter base together, but it doesn’t really matter how many people actually answer the questionnaires.

Answering a journalist’s question at Wednesday’s press conference, Minister of Interior Sandor Pinter said that he doesn’t think that “George Soros has told anyone that he’s involved in any such organisation” – meaning that he didn’t say he helps illegal immigration. According to the opposition and the not-pro-government press, this means that a member of government blew his lines, and didn’t confirm the existence of the “Soros plan”, while the Orban government spent billions to scare the Hungarian people with George Soros.

It caused another crack in the government’s communication when it turned out that the Orban government had secretly let in migrants into the country. In its defence, the government says it followed the Geneva Convention, but it’s still not known whether this is what really happened and that who, from where and where to have been resettled. According to the opposition, the government had promoted with several tens of billions of forints that they hadn’t let in a single migrant to the country, and had accused all persons and organisations of helping George Soros, who spoke about only refugees or letting in real refugees.

The vice-chairman of the strongest opposition party, Daniel Z. Karpat called out Csaba Domotor, the PM’s Cabinet Office’s state secretary for a debate about the situation of those who received asylum during the last three years.

Daniel Z. Karpat wants to receive answers in connection with the “unreasonably resettled migrants”, among other things concerning the screening mechanism. He noted that Jobbik respects all international agreements and treaties, and doesn’t want to avoid the law, but wants to know that on what basis did the government spend billions on its anti-immigration campaign. But Csaba Domotor didn’t accept the invitation and only reiterated the government’s previous standpoint on illegal immigration, and accused Jobbik of wanting to demolish the fence – contrary to the fact that it was Jobbik’s current vice-chairman, Laszlo Toroczkai, who first proposed to set up a fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border in 2015.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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