Soros to be banned from Hungary?

The government is discussing a proposal tomorrow, which could even make it possible to ban George Soros from Hungary, Hungarian news site Origo reported, citing sources.

According to, it has already been known that on Wednesday the government discusses the details of an “anti-Soros” law several Fidesz politicians have been talking about recently. The website reminds that the Minister of Interior, Sandor Pinter said earlier that bannig Soros from Hungary is not possible, because the financier is a Hungarian citizen.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, the ruling party’s communications director said that Fidesz national board has endorsed the public’s rejection of the “Soros Plan”. In the resolution, the board rejects the endeavour to transform Hungary into a country of immigrants, Balazs Hidveghi said. The party calls on the government to use every means necessary to halt implementation of the “Soros Plan” by putting legal restrictions, if necessary, on the immigration activities and further spread of the “Soros Network”, he added.

Source: Hungary Journal/MTI

5 thoughts on “Soros to be banned from Hungary?

  1. I dont get the Problem he helped the Nazis so he is a war criminal so if he comes to Hungary he will be arrested and jailed nd ust leave him in there till he dies and if you talk to Trump and make your case he will be arrested in the U.S.


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