Orban’s anti-migrant myth seems to fall

Jobbik leader Gabor Vona on Tuesday accused the government of misleading the public over migration. According to Vona, the “deception of the century” has been unveiled, because while spending 22 billion forints on national consultations about migration and a referendum in three years, the resettlements have been happening constantly.

The strongest opposition party’s leader cited deputy state secretary Kristof Altusz as saying in an interview to a Maltese newspaper that Hungary had taken in 508 refugees in 2015, 432 in 2016 and 1,291 last year.

Over the past three years, Prime Minister Viktor Orban “generated mass hysteria” in Hungarian society over the issue of migration, spending 22 billion forints (EUR 71m) on a referendum campaign and “National Consultation” public survey and promising that Hungary would not allow the forced settlement of migrants, Vona said. Yet the government is now pretending as if nothing had happened, he added.

Jobbik is calling for an extraordinary session of parliament and expects Orban to give account of the issue in person, he said.

Vona accused the government of failing to protect the country’s security, insisting that Hungary had no dedicated border guard and the government ran a scheme offering permanent residence to foreigners who bought Hungarian residency bonds.

He noted that the government has suddenly become able to distinguish between “real refugees” who deserve protection and illegal, economic immigrants – because it seems that they are arguing that those people had to be accepted in accordance with international conventions, but they used to say completely different things.

According to Vona the problem is that the government’s campaign hasn’t been distinguishing between migrants, and the conflict in the town of Ocseny is the best example: locals, scared by the government propaganda, in last September rioted against a local hotel-owners plan to host refugee families, and Viktor Orban was even supporting them by agreeing with their heated reactions in his statement.

Gabor Vona stated that the Orban government is unable to protect Hungary’s security, even though this was their only way of keeping their supporters, against the endless sea of corruption issues. The truth is, he added, is that they didn’t establish the professional border guard, as Jobbik had demanded, seven times voted against Jobbik’s proposal for constitutional amendment to rule out migration, the internationally wanted Ghaith Pharaon appeared in Viktor Orban’s closes circles, thousands of rich migrants were sold residency bonds and in a few years, 2300 migrants were resettled into the country.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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