National security committee to discuss the “secret migrants”

The head of the parliament’s national security committee wants Prime Minister Viktor Orban to speak about the “secret resettlement” of migrants. The Government Communication Center rejected the accusations.

The politicians who are now criticising the government didn’t support the amendment of the constitution which was supposed to prevent mandatory relocation, but have always supported the EU’s immigration policy and the mandatory quota, the Government Communication Center (KTK) stressed in a statement on Monday.

“Hungary does not accept the quota, but has always acted in accordance with the law and with international treaties”, the statement writes, adding according to the Geneva Convention, people whose lives are in danger have the right to international protection. The statement cites publicly available data by the Immigration and Asylum Office (BAH): 508 people were afforded international protection by the Hungarian authorities in 2015, 432 in 2016, 1291 in 2017, and 37 so far in 2018. 90% of those afforded international protection did not establish a place of residence in Hungary, but used the opportunity for free movement afforded by the Schengen Area to leave the territory of Hungary with their newly issued documents.

The statement was referring to a recent internal policy scandal. Last week an under-secretary told Times of Malta that Hungary has accepted 1300 refugees last year, and the strongest opposition party, Jobbik has been demanding an explanation from the government. Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto and other ruling politicians said that the authorities processed asylum requests according to the Geneva Convention, and this has nothing to do with the relocation scheme of the EU, which Hungary opposes and even attacked on court.

Earlier in Monday, Socialist lawmaker Zsolt Molnar wrote in his statement on Monday that Orban should speak not only about the “Soros plan”, but about the government’s decision to “secretly” accept 1300 migrants last year. According to the politician, it’s unacceptable that while the government claims to fight against the European relocation scheme of refugees, it secretly accepted refugees, behind the back of the Hungarian people. He stressed the importance of transparency, adding that Hungarians have the right to know who have been resettled to the country.

The 1,300 people in question were beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, and should not be conflated with illegal migrants, Szilard Nemeth, the Fidesz deputy head of the committee said at a press conference on Monday.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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