Soros has never been elected by anyone – govt spox

“Over the past year, Mr Soros and the Open Society Foundations he founded have become the target for an escalating — and at times orchestrated — campaign of vilification by opponents of the liberal agenda that he promotes”, the Financial Times writes, adding that “in Hungary, he was the subject of a state-funded, multimillion euro campaign of negative advertising”.

Speaking to Financial Times, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said the debate about the Open Society Foundation’s activities springs from “two clashing visions democracy”. He added that in contrast to Soros’s support for NGOs as checks on executire power, Hungary’s government thinks that only elected representatives can legitimately do politics.

Kovacs argued that “Soros has never been elected by anyone, the organisations – NGOs, human rights groups and so on – have never been elected by anyone”. This is why they shouldn’t be determining how political decisions are made, he explained.

Hungary Journal


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