President Ader promises predictable diplomacy

Hungary will remain a consistent and predictable player on the international stage regardless of the outcome of the general election this spring, President Janos Ader said at a New Year’s reception to members of the diplomatic corps in Budapest on Monday.

Ader highlighted six areas in which Hungary’s position will remain unchanged after the election regardless of which party will come out on top.

The first position, Ader said, is that all parties can agree that “we Hungarians are and will remain citizens of the European Union”.

Second, Hungary will continue to attach great importance to the role of NATO, he said. Hungary fulfils all of its NATO commitments and this year it will launch a wave of military development that will enable it to settle its old debts owed to the alliance, the president said.

Third, Hungary will continue to bear responsibility for ethnic Hungarians beyond the border, as is enshrined in the constitution, Ader added.

Hungary will also continue to strive for ever closer ties with countries in the central European region, through which it can be more effective in representing “our common values and interests”, he added.

The fifth area which Hungary will remain consistent in is its commitment to contributing to the fight against terrorism, extremism and “those obsessed with destruction”, the president said.

Finally, all of Hungary’s parties agree that they bear a responsibility for future generations, he said. “We will continue to do our share of the work that we must carry out together in the interest of sustainability,” the president said.

Source and photo: MTI

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