“Completely unacceptable” – Szijjarto to Tudose

Hungary has always wanted a relationship with Romania based on mutual respect, for the sake of the Hungarian community which lives there, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto told Hungarian public news channel M1 on Monday morning. The parliament’s foreign affairs committee discusses Mihai Tudose’s remark tomorrow.

Peter Szijjarto was reacting to the recent remarks on Romanian Prime Minister Mihai Tudose. Last week, commenting on a joint statement of three parties of ethnic Hungarians pledging cooperation in their efforts for autonomy, Tudose said: “My answer is the same as on any occasion … when they tried to fly their flag. If that flag ends up flapping in the wind, those responsible will also sway up there right next to it.” He was referring to the flag of the Szeklers (or Székelys) a subgroup of Hungarians living in Transylvania. Szijjarto and other Hungarian politicians called these remarks “unacceptable” and Romania’s ambassador was summoned to the MFA last Friday.

Speaking to M1 on Monday, Szijjarto stressed that it’s completely unacceptable in 21st century Europe to threaten a whole national community and its leaders by hanging and death. He stressed that with these remarks, Tudose excludes himself from the community of decent European politicians.

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party announced on Monday that the head of the parliament’s foreign affairs committee, Zsolt Nemeth summoned an extraordinary session of the committee for Tuesday afternoon.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI



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