Central Europe sticks to its Christian identity – Szijjarto

“We are saying what the Western European public thinks”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto said in Echo TV‘s Bayer show on Sunday evening, explaining why Western European political elites are “bothered” by the “politically incorrect” speech of Hungarian politicians.

According to Szijjarto Western political elites have been preparing for a kind of “post-Christian” and “post-national” era, but Central European countries are underminding these efforts. The region’s refusal to cooperate with them in these plans is the root cause of the irrational political attacks, he said.

Speaking about the recent hearing organised by the European Parliament’s LIBE committee about the situation of rule of law in Hungary, Szijjarto said that the vast majority of the members didn’t care about facts, security or the opinion of the Hungarian people. The minister called it surprising that the Hungarian civil society was represented by a group – the Hungarian Helsinki Committee – which received support from not more then 282 Hungarian people.

“I think the church I’ve been visiting has received more funds from people than the Hungarian Helsinki Committee,”

he noted.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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