Fidesz calls on municipalities to reject ‘Soros plan’

The ruling Fidesz party has called on the municipal councils to decry the “Soros plan” and illegal migration, spokesman Imre Puskas said on Saturday.

Fidesz totally agrees with the appeal approved by a conference of mayors on Friday which called on the government to initiate laws, if need be, “to counter the ‘Soros plan’ and the agencies organising migration”, he told a press conference.

Puskas noted that activists of the opposition Egyutt and Momentum parties turned up at the conference wearing a mask depicting George Soros. Their action, he said, revealed whom they are financed by. The spokesman qualified the absence of opposition mayors from the conference as a sign of their indifference to the future of their locality.

Istvan Hollik, a lawmaker of Fidesz’s Christian democrat ally KDNP said on the M1 public news channels’s programme on Friday evening that Fidesz-KDNP asks the government to present a package against the “Soros plan”.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal

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