Did Hungary secretly welcome migrants?

According to an article on Hungarian Hir TV’s website, a government official told a Maltese newspaper that the government has secretary accepted 1300 refugees. Both the strongest opposition party Jobbik, and the ruling Fidesz party reacted to the news.

Kristof Altusz, the Deputy State Secretary for European and American Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade visited Malta this week, he consulted among others with high-level officials of the Maltese MFA, according to the government‘s website.  Altusz gave an interview to the country’s leading English-language newspaper, Times of Malta.

Hungarian news channel Hir TV pointed out, that in the interview, Altusz claimed that last year “Hungary took about 1,300 refugees but, very often, such cases were not publicised by the government as it could put the beneficiaries in danger”.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Jobbik spokesman Peter Jakab demanded the government to explain Altusz’s claims. Jakab pointed out that while the Hungarian government is rejecting the mandatory relocation scheme, which would have obliged Hungary to accept 1300 asylum seekers, the deputy state secretary’s interview implies that the government actually fulfilled the quota, by accepting the same amount of people. He demanded the government to explain who are those 1300 people, how they ended up in Hungary, where they come from, where they get their income from and where they are now.

In response, Fidesz accused Jobbik of hypocrisy, reminding that “together with the Democratic Coalition and the Socialists” they objected the amendment of the constitution which was supposed to prevent the relocation of migrants to Hungary.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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