Socialists want proof of the “Soros plan”

The Socialist head of parliament’s national security committee has called on Prime Minister Viktor Orban to appear before the body and present evidence that there is a “Soros Plan” the government has been referring to. Meanwhile, Fidesz’s group leader accused Soros of intervening in the Hungarian elections.

Zsolt Molnar told a press conference on Thursday that unless Orban can prove the existence of such a scheme which the government has linked to US billionaire George Soros, the ruling parties should stay away from the upcoming parliamentary election because “they have been feeding obvious lies to the Hungarian public”.

Molnar insisted that a “Soros Plan” did not exist but was “invented by (ruling) Fidesz’s PR machinery to mislead the people and divert attention from the actual state of the country”.

The Socialist politician added that other opposition members of the committee, delegated by green LMP and the strongest opposition party Jobbik, also agreed with his proposal to hear the prime minister on the subject.

Fidesz group leader Gergely Gulyas told a press conference on a different subject that Orban would not appear before the committee, and added that the body “does not need to pursue a political witch hunt”. He said that Soros was “ready to interfere with the election”. He insisted that Soros is “not a democrat and he does not respect national sovereignty”. He went on to say that Soros “promotes immigration” thus “questioning Hungarians’ right to determine who they want to live together with”.

Source and photo: MTI

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