EP to boost illegal migration – Bakondi warns

“If the European Asylum System were to change in accordance with the European Parliament’s resolution, it would mean a further incentive for illegal migrants”, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Gyorgy Bakondi said on Hungarian M1 television’s Thursday morning current affairs program.

According to the EP’s proposal, in future requests for asylum on the part of migrants would not have to be processed in the first EU country they enter, but in the state to which they are directed based on a distribution quota, Bakondi pointed out.

“This would represent an even greater problem in view of the fact that the migrants would also be distributed to places that are not immigrant countries”,

he added.

“Further uncertainties are raised by the problem of what happens if the migrant in question does not want to stay in the county to which they have been designated, and how migrants will be deported if their asylum requests are not accepted”,

he continued.

According to the advisor, the European legal system is currently unprepared for such a change, in addition to which people in Western Europe are now also not denying the fact that there is a link between illegal immigration and both terrorism and violent crime.

“This is also proven by the fact that in Western Europe there have been several organised attacks against police and firefighters recently with the participation of migrants, the goal of which is presumably to test and trouble the security forces and the public”,

Bakondi said.

Source and photo: Kormany.hu

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