Szijjarto: We don’t want to become an immigrant country

Because Hungary – according to the people’s will – doesn’t want to become an immigrant country, we should expect further attacks from the EU and certain member states, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto told Hungarian public news channel M1 on Tuesday morning.

According to Szijjarto the migration crisis has been in the center of the European political discourse for three years, but it’s still surrounded by incredible hypocrisy. He added that while the European Parliament and the Commission haven’t given up on the unlimited, automatic relocation, almost all member states tend to agree with Hungary’s opinion that the protection of external border must be strengthened and the problem should be treated outside the EU’s territory.

Regarding SPD-chairman Martin Schulz’s criticism, Szijjarto said that the German politicians comments are “aggravating“, because he disregards the fact that Germany should be thankful to Hungary for decreasing the migration pressure.

“Germany’s southern border today is at the Hungarian-Serbian, and Hungarian-Croatian border, and if Hungary hadn’t spent 1 billion borders on protecting its southern border, Germany would be facing a lot more problems”,

he stressed.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI



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