Jobbik says Orban destroys them by using the State Audit Office

According to the opposition the Orban government tries to undermine its opponents with the help of public bodies, influencing the power relations of the parliamentary elections this spring.

Jobbik thinks, that its’s against the law that the State Audit Office (ASZ) decided to fine the party several hundred million forints due to accepting illegal funds, Jobbik’s vice-chairman and group leader Janos Volner told a press conference on Monday. He added: it’s final that Viktor Orban wants to dissolve the only force capable of replacing the government.

The State Audit Office – led by a former Fidesz lawmaker, Laszlo Domokos – made a statement on Monday that the fine is valid from January 8 and Jobbik must pay in 15 days.

Citing the law about ASZ, Janos Volner said: the audit office should have been obliged to evaluate the party’s 36-page-long argument, but they didn’t even try. They didn’t even answer the question about how the illegal party funding took place, he added.

The Jobbik politician criticised that the decision wasn’t signed by Laszlo Domokos. He said this means that Domokos is also afraid of the change of government and being called to account.

Answering a journalist’s question Volner said: Jobbik hasn’t got the money to pay the fine, but restarted the fundraising, which is around 50 million forints now. He also said that the ASZ decision practically undermined the party financially, they will have to start a fundraising for their campaign too.

The group leader reiterated: ASZ is using double standards, because they are not investigating Fidesz.

“It’s unprecedented since the regime change that the main opposition force is being undermined by public bodies,”

he stated.

ASZ announced on December 6 last year that it fines Jobbik for “illegal party funding” more than 660 million forints. On December 15, Jobbik organised a protest in front of Fidesz’s headquarters against the building dictatorship and in protection of the Hungarian democracy. Politicians and activists of other opposition parties also attended the event, which was covered by the international media aswell.

Before Christmas, four other opposition parties – Together (Egyutt), green LMP, Dialogue (Parbeszed) and Democratic Coalition (DK) – were also fined by the State Audit Office.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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