Conference with Milo Yiannopoulos postponed

The “Future of Europe” V4 conference, – where political commentator, publisher, blogger and journalist Milo Yiannopoulos and German author and pundit Götz Kubitschek (who stands to the right of the conservative moderates, with far right connections) were to speak, – might have become inconvenient for the Hungarian government.

The whole conference programme sparked debates in Hungary and within the ruling parties, according to press information, criticism came from Germany and Poland too.

The organisers first cancelled Götz Kubitschek’s lecture, then it turned out that Milo Yiannopoulos would speak at a separate event, independently from the conference. Now it seems that the whole conference will be postponed to after the elections. Earlier, there were speculations in Hungarian press, whether Kubitschek’s invitation was an act of provocation from the Hungarian government to the German CDU.

According to the organising foundation’s statement, certain people don’t let them work, because of the election campaign:

“The scientific conference planned by the Public Foundation for the Research of Central European History and Society under the title “The Future of Europe” as well as the topics on its agenda and the speakers invited have become part of the partisan political struggles underway in view of the forthcoming parliamentary elections. That makes it impossible for a free debate of differing opinions and outlooks to take place undisturbedly. The Public Foundation has therefore decided to put off the conference to the month of May, that is after the parliamentary elections. The speakers have been notified of the new date.”

Hungary Journal
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