“Soros NGOs support a terrorist”

Government politicians accused Soros-funded NGOs of supporting Ahmed H, convicted under terrorism charges.

Ahmed H, a Syrian national convicted under terrorism charges in connection with a mass disturbance at the Roszke border crossing in 2015 made contradicting statements during his trial on Monday at the Szeged court. According to the Hungarian news agency’s report, Ahmed H was in contradiction – among other things- about whether he was inciting, or calming the people.

According to Pal Völner, the Justice Ministry’s state secretary, this proves that there are organisations which criticise the work of Hungarian authorities and courts even in cases of terrorism and illegal border-crossing. He stressed that Hungary will continue to protect the borders and won’t let police officers to be forced or thrown at. Völner reminded that NGOs financed by George Soros have been organising protests.

Fidesz vice-president Szilard Nemeth said at a press conference that “Soros NGOs and fake-civil organisations” are supporting Ahmed H. He added that liberal, communist and green party MEPs also criticised the Hungarian authorities.

In the primary ruling passed by the Szeged court in November 2016, Ahmed H was sentenced to serve ten years in prison for terrorist activities involving illegal border crossing as well as incitement to violence in the context of a riot. In November 2017, the Kuria, Hungary’s supreme court, has declared unlawful a Szeged appeals court’s dismissal of the first-instance ruling and order of a new trial in the case of Ahmed H.

Source: Hungary Journal/MTI
Photo: MTI

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