Szijjarto: We are strong when we are united

According to the minister of foreign affairs and trade, the year has barely started, but one can already conclude that “we are facing extraordinary times”. “In these extraordinary times we need the strength, bravery and especially the unity which characterises us, Hungarians”, Peter Szijjarto told Hungarian news agency MTI on Sunday.

The minister stressed that in the referendum about the mandatory relocation quota 3 million, and in the national consultation about the “Soros plan” 2 million people said “no” to illegal immigration and the mandatory relocation. “This unity, these millions are the sine qua non of our security; we should be strong and united, otherwise we’ll be trodden out”, he said.

“So far we have successfully protected Hungary from illegal immigration, there’s a fence on our border, our laws strictly punish illegal immigration, our police officers and soldiers protect us. But we can’t lie back, what’s more, we should be particularly alert and brave now, because the attacks on Hungary continue and even increase”,

Szijjarto explained, adding that they know exactly what “Brussels bureaucrats and the people of the Soros network want”: they want to bring migrants to Europe and distribute them. But Hungary, he added, is in their way, this is why they are starting infringement procedures against the country:

“But thanks to the support of the Hungarian people we are fighting in this battle with confidence, we insist that politicians must serve the interest of the people, so for us, the most important is the opinion and security of the Hungarian people.”

He added that the Hungarian government “has a heart”, and doesn’t want to abandon those who are in a difficult situation, but their firm conviction is that instead of bringing the problem here, the help should be brought to the crisis regions. We want to keep Hungary a secure place, the minister stated. He stressed that in a Europe, which is increasingly losing its identity, “we know who we are and we know where are we going to”. This year such decisions can be made which can affect “not only us, but the lives of our children and grandchildren. The stake of this year is whether we can continue going on the Hungarian way, whether we can keep Hungary a Hungarian country, whether we can keep the right to decide about our own life”, Szijjarto stressed.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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