Orban meets Seehofer in Seeon

Hungarians and Bavarians are linked by traditional ties “starting with in-laws of the first Christian king of Hungary to the Audi plant in Gyor (W Hungary),” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday, on the sidelines of a meeting of deputies of Germany’s CSU party now under way in Seeon Abbey.

Orban met Horst Seehofer, minister-president of Bavaria and head of CSU, for bilateral talks, after which he said that the talks were “honest, open and fair as always”.
Orban said that the migration issue has become a “democracy issue” in Europe. He argued that “democracy is always disturbed when leaders act differently from what the people want” but added that 2018 “will be a year to restore the will of the people”. Europe’s people will “press for decisions concerning migrants that are in line with their interests”, he said. Orban went on to say that “the people’s will is clear: they do not want to live under a threat of terrorism, they want public security, they want borders to be protected and people who have no reason to be here removed from the Schengen zone”. He suggested that illegal migrants should be “returned where they can start their life all over again”. He insisted that his government had “from the beginning stood on the basis of protecting the borders and enforcing the Schengen agreement … we built a fence and reinforced the borders while there were places in Europe where they celebrated chaos and unlawfulness.”

Orban said he had learnt “a lot” from Seehofer, including “the important rule that you cannot build any legislation on unlawfulness, and the law must always be minutely observed”. Concerning German politics, Orban said he would “not behave disrespectfully and interfere with Germany’s domestic affairs”. “Germany’s decisions will be taken by Germany’s politicians,” he added.

Orban and Seehofer touched upon the future of the European economy, and agreed that “one country cannot live on the money from another” and that each EU member must come up with their own achievements. The national debts should be reduced, the budget deficit kept below 3 percent of GDP and reforms introduced in the labour market of each country, Orban said.

Seehofer said he would head efforts to intensify cooperation between Bavaria and central European nations. Bavaria has a vested interest in closer ties as its trade turnover with the Visegrad Four countries surpassed even the one between France and Britain, he said.

Alexander Dobrindt, leader of the CSU parliamentary group, that “Hungary is defending [the EU’s] external borders in line with the rule of law”. As a member of the EU, the Schengen area and NATO, Hungary “is an important negotiator of strategic issues on European level”.

Source and photo: MTI


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