Fidesz: Hungary openly attacked for rejecting resettlement quota

Hungary was openly attacked already in the first few days of 2018 for rejecting the European Union’s mandatory resettlement quota, the spokesman of ruling Fidesz said on Saturday.

Imre Puskas noted that the European Commission had taken Hungary to court over migrant quotas and that former European Parliament President Martin Schulz, the current head of Germany’s SPD party, had accused Prime Minister Viktor Orban of having torpedoed the mandatory migrant settlement scheme.

Such attacks are likely to continue because pro-migration politicians in Europe “want to sort out the approval of the Soros plan” which will include the introduction of mandatory resettlement for an unlimited number of migrants, he told a press conference.

Next week, “Soros organisations” plan to launch another attack against Hungary, in the European Parliament, and Judith Sargentini, who was responsible for a “Soros report condemning Hungary”, will visit Budapest, he added.

Puskas called on Martin Schulz and other pro-migration politicians to note that migration has brought crime and terrorism to Europe, and that security concerns have become the everyday reality in European societies.

Hungarians have expressed their will: they do not want Hungary to become an “immigrant country” and they do not want the mandatory resettlement quota or any other elements of the “Soros plan” either.

Source: MTI


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