The socialists could use a bit of populism – expert

After their former adviser, Israeli expert Ron Werber joined the green LMP party’s team, the Socialist Party (MSZP) is helped by the SPD’s former adviser, Heiko Kretschmer.

In an interview with Hungarian weekly 168 Ora, Kretschmer said he tried to observe the Hungarian society’s attitude, and concluded that it’s the the deteriorating state of health care and education which concerns them the most. He didn’t want to say that MSZP will focus on these topics in its campaign, but he did mention that these topics should be covered before the elections in April.

Kretschmer reminded that even though Fidesz had won with another 2/3 majority in 2014, it failed to mobilise big masses and only profited from the Hungarian electoral system. According to the adviser, this means that the situation can change rapidly and drastically. Regarding his strategy he said that socialists should provide better answers than Fidesz, but they could also use a bit of populism.

Hungary Journal


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