Fidesz calls on govt to withstand Brussels pressure

Ruling Fidesz has called on the government to withstand “any European endeavours to make Hungary a destination country for migrants”.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, the party’s communications chief said that the European Commission’s recent taking Hungary to court over the migrant quota was “proof” that the EU has not abandoned its plans to introduce such quotas. Balazs Hidveghi also insisted that it was part of the “Soros Plan”.

Hidveghi said that Hungary’s current obligation “to accommodate 1,294 refugees” was nothing but a “bait”, the final goal being the introduction of a “permanent migrant distribution mechanism with no upper limit”.

“Brussels wants to force the mandatory quota on Hungary, which is nothing else but a component of the Soros Plan,”

Hidveghi insisted.

“We are shocked to see that Brussels keeps forcing an ill-advised migration policy rather than enforcing EU laws and protecting common sense and the people,” Hidveghi said.

The European Court of Justice announced on Thursday that it will hear the case against Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland regarding the infringement procedure for their refusal to abide by the quota decision.

Source: MTI
Photo: Youtube

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