Professor of economy accuses the Orban-govt of pure “nation murder”

Excessive corruption makes Hungary’s economy increasingly vulnerable, professor of economy Andras Inotai, former head of the Institute of World Economics at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences told

“With these ‘panamas’ going on in the Hungarian banking system, and the thriving of the new oligarchy with unprecedented greed, we are very close to a point where one or more sections of the banking system collapses, or one event starts a chain reaction,”

Inotai said.

According to the professor, an even bigger problem is the intentional destruction of the foundations of human capital: healthcare, education, r&d and innovation. He said that the Hungarian government’s policies created a strata of “four million people in severe poverty”, whose fate is completely indifferent to the government. Inotai thinks that the message of the government – “which defines itself national and Christian conservative” – is that:

“let four million Hungarians die, it’s enough if we have six million people. This is more than irresponsibility, this is pure nation murder”.

The professor highlighted the destructive nature of the government propaganda and measures “dulling the people”, the “primitive anti-Soros campaign”, and the “hate propaganda” about migration (which he also considers a serious threat).

“The mental genocide of the last few years in Hungary is so severe that  – had it got the competency – the Hague Court should be dealing with it,”

he said.

According to the economist EU funds could have meant a serious chance for harmonisation, but instead of developing competitive companies, the majority of this money went to companies “which are competitive only at stealing money”.

Regarding the parliamentary elections in 2018 Inotai said that the current government must be replaced, and the elections this year provide the last chance, because every month the Orban government is in power, “dramatically increases the price of the shift”.

“There’s no 2022! It’s my message to every party, but especially to all citizens who are eligible to vote in Hungary,”

he stated.

Hungary Journal
Photo: TEPSA

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