“Liberal hysteria around Yiannopoulos”

Prime Ministerial Commissioner for the Digital Welfare Programme, MEP Tamas Deutsch said at a press conference that he will make his speech at the conference entitled “The Future of Europe” in the Castle Garden Bazaar, in Budapest between 23-25 January, regardless of Milo Yiannopoulos’s lecture.
“I’m watching the hysteria in social-liberal media with a sour smile”, he told a journalist. Index.hu notes that “it might be more than a hysteria”, as the foundation which organises the event in the name of the Hungarian V4 presidency has recently took off the programme from the website, so some changes are expected.

Deutsch said that every speaker can be evaluated according to their speeches, not according to their sexual orientation.

At another press conference, Fidesz group leader said Gulyas said it was “not likely” that Yiannopoulos would attend. Gulyas said that the conference was being organised by a public foundation associated with historian Maria Schmidt, rather than the government, and the list of invitees was not final.

Source: Hungary Journal/MTI
Photo: Fidesz.hu

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