“Soros is actively lobbying against Hungary”

Fidesz group leader Gergely Gulyas gave a lengthy interview to Hungarian channel ATV, discussing a number of internal policy affairs, the “Soros plan” and relations with Germany.

Speaking of the ‘Soros plan’, Gulyas reminded that the Hungarian-born billionaire himself published an article entitled “Here’s my plan to solve the asylum chaos”. “So the Soros plan exists. We can debate about its influence and effect, but if one can read, then it’s hard to debate about whether the plan exists at all”, he added.

The Fidesz politician stressed that George Soros is not only a symbolic figure of pro-immigration policies, because “he pursues active lobby activity against Hungary. He called Hungary a mafia state and he maintains serious pressure in the European Commission, the Parliament, the NGOs and the press he dominates to support migration and slander Hungary”.

Regarding Germany he said it’s not known yet when and what kind of government will be formed in Berlin, but Fidesz maintains relations with its allies, CDU and CSU. Gulyas pointed out that the resentment of the German press towards the Hungarian government negatively influences German public discussion, but inter-party relations are good.

“70-80% of the German press is left-wing or green. They look with honest and blatant hate on all the values the Hungarian government represents, the importance of Christian roots, real conservative family policies, the appreciation and protection of traditional family model, the Europe of nation states,”

he added.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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