Kover: Stronger identity in Central Europe

The Hungarian parliament’s president stressed the importance of the Europe of nation states, normality and rationality in Echo Tv’s Bayer Show on new year’s eve.

Laszlo Kover highlighted that “Hungary has made a precedent in Europe, that prevented the execution of a plan, which was aimed out converting 28 nation states into one mass and rule them from a center”.

He reminded that SPD-president Martin Schulz recently spoke about the United States of Europe, which – according to Kover – would dissolve Hungary as a nation state and dissolve Europe as the continent of European civilisation.

According to the Fidesz politician rationality goes against such plans. Kover stressed that “European soul” is not gone and it can be made strong again, but it’s living up its reserves now. The politician said that those who support national and personal identity face negative consequences in Western Europe. He added that even if Hungary belonged to the “worse side of Europe” after the WWII, now the region is in a better shape when it comes to identity, as its citizens “didn’t have the luxury of becoming stupid”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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