We are a responsible government with stable values – Novak

Handling demographic problems will be the main task of the next years, Katalin Novak, State Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI) said in an interview with Hungarian news site Mandiner.

According to Novak demographic decline has been a problem for several decades. When asked about the massive wage differences which boost the emigration of young people to Western European countries, she noted that the costs of living are also higher in the Western countries, while there are a number of measures in Hungary that help families with small children.

After a lengthy discussion about the government’s measures and young people’s plans to raise children and have their own properties, Novak was asked about the new gender studies of the ELTE university and a “counter faculty” at Corvinus University, which focuses on the family. According to the state secretary, the discussion about gender issues has gone too far.

“There are men and women, and children can be born only from their relationship. If someone speaks about these evident truths, they’re being labeled as homophobes. This is nonsense,”

Novak said, adding that there are well-intentioned gay people who only want to live in peace, and there’s a small, but very loud group constantly provoking. The state secretary called it ridiculous that the government always has to defend itself on this issue, when it’s clear that Hungarian people are tolerant and in Hungary everyone can live according to their religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

In a lengthy interview with 888.hu, Novak stressed that Hungarian families could celebrate Christmas in security and live their everyday lives in security. “We are not speculants, but a responsible government with stable values and clear goals”, Fidesz’s vice-president said, referring to George Soros.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Kormany.hu

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