FPÖ MEP denounces boycott call

The Austrian Freedom Party’s secretary general and EP delegation leader denounced the international appeal to boycott Sebastian Kurz’s government.

Europe’s governments were urged not to receive the six FPÖ ministers of Austria’s right-wing coalition government, and to boycott Austria’s EU presidency in the second half of 2018 in a boycott call published in Le Monde. The list of initiators includes former French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner; Benjamin Abtan, head of the EGAM anti-racist movement,  “veteran Nazi hunters” (in Deutsche Welle‘s words) Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, the former Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel-Angel Moratinos, and Kim Campbell, who led Canada in 1993.

FPÖ’s secretary general, Harald Vilimsky rejected the boycott call, which he called a desperate attempt of the European left to attack the Austrian government. “The political left tries to act against the center-right parties and government on a meta-level”, Vilimsky told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap, adding that socialist and green parties suffer heavy losses from election to election, and they are trying to stay in power. According to Vilimsky “the political pendulum is swinging to the right”, and such actions are nothing more than signs of the left-wing parties’ desperation.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament





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