Think tank: Trump made the anti-immigration fight harder

In its latest publication, the Migration Research Institute analysed the consequences of the USA’s decision to exit the UN Global Compact on Migration.

On December 2 United States has announced that President Donald Trump will pull the country out of the United Nations Global Compact on Migration, saying it interferes with U.S. sovereignty.

According to the Migration Research Institute Hungarian think tank Trump’s decision is a political message to the world and it sets more challenges for the future negotiations. The analysis stressed that USA’s exit is a big blow to the those states who would support restrictive migration policies. The general approach in the environment of the negotiations is that the positive aspects of migration should be put forward, but the USA is a world power which could push the negotiations into a realistic framework. Its decision is a warning to all countries that support restrictive migration policies, the analysis concludes.

Dangers of mass immigration

Earlier in December, the Migration Research Institute and the National University of Public Service (NKE) organised a conference entitled Islam Radicalisation in Europe. According to a report in Magyar Hirlap, Balazs Orban, the think tank’s director stressed in his speech that several signs show that immigration in Europe is well over the optimal level. According to the expert, the radicalisation of people with immigrant background is one of the signs. Rudine Jakupi, Senior Researcher at the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies siad that in Europe Kosovo has the youngest population, and those who have few possibilities see radical Islam as a solution. Erika Brady, Researcher at the University of St. Andrews said that despite the fact that the UK has a lot of experience with Irish nationalist terrorism, radical Islam terrorism is an enormous challenge for the country. She added that prevention is one of the focal points of the British strategy, and many deem it ineffective, especially after the numerous terrorist attacks.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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