Orban and Kurz invited to Bavaria

Angela Merkel’s Bavarian ally, the CSU invited Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, and the Merkel’s “most visible opponent on the European stage”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to a summit they’re holding in January, Politico Europe’s Brussels Playbook reported.

The information comes from German Merkur’s sources, and hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. A CSU lawmaker has already criticised the idea, according to Wolfgang Stefinger “we should keep the EU together, and unfortunately, Orban hasn’t been too helpful on this issue lately”.

The CSU’s parliamentary group, contacted by Politico, declined to comment on the reports; the Hungarian government did not reply to a request for comment.

“Whether or not Orban shows up, the underlying message the CSU wants to send out is clear: Neither Merkel nor the SPD should expect the Bavarians to back away easily from their own hardline demands once they sit down for talks in January”, Playbook writes.

Leading CSU politician Alexander Dobrindt later confirmed the invitation to Focus.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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