Bakondi: Govt protects the country’s sovereignty

Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his government are a guarantee that, as long as they are in power, Hungary will maintain its sovereignty and domestic security, Gyorgy Bakondi, the PM’s chief security advisor, told Thursday’s Magyar Hirlap in an interview.

Bakondi noted that since March this year, 12,398 attempts have been made to illegally cross the southern section of Hungary’s border. Police and soldiers prevented 6,391 migrants from breaching the fence, while they accompanied 6,007 people back to the other side of the border, he said, adding that fully 1,220 people in the transit zone had been granted international protection based on their asylum application. Altogether 137 suspected people smugglers have been charged, he said.

Bakondi also said the Romanian authorities were carrying out “serious border surveillance activities” at the Serbian-Romanian border, and it was significant that Serbia was taking back apprehended migrants. He said cooperation on the Hungarian-Romanian border was working well, and if migrants cross there the Hungarian authorities arrest them and return them to Romania. If traffic here turns into the main migration route then a fence may be constructed on the Hungary-Romania border, too, after consultations with the Romanian authorities, he said.

According to the advisor the “Soros plan” exists, it’s proven by George Soros’s press statements, his articles and the activities of the NGOs he’s been funding. The European Parliament’s resolution about the Dublin system’s reform is also a proof according to Bakondi, because it supports the mandatory quota. Bakondi said that even if in some articles Soros wrote that a quota should be voluntary, in other articles he supports a mandatory quota, just like those MEPs who are listed as his reliable allies in a leaked document.

Source and photo: MTI


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