Jobbik president to Die Presse: Orban is no democrat

Gabor Vona, chairman and prime ministerial candidate of Jobbik gave a lengthy interview to Austrian daily Die Presse. He mentioned the character assassination campaign against him: Fidesz was rumouring that he is homosexual, the Orban government was surveilling him and his family. Vona called himself the last bastion of democracy in Hungary.

According to Gabor Vona, if someone, then he has a chance to beat Viktor Orban. He told the Austria newspaper that Orban’s attacked crossed a certain line one and a half year ago, and their niveau is degenerating.

“In debates, I feel like as if I stepped in the ring as a gentleman, facing a mafia leader with a machine gun,”

Vona said.

He also talked about being accused of homosexuality, as an attempt of political character assassination. According to Gabor Vona, Orban wants to break him mentally, this is why him and his family was subject to surveillance, they even hired a paparazzo to take pictures of him as he was taking his son to school.


According to Die Presse, Jobbik used to be an “anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and racist party”, “incited against Romas”, so Gabor Vona was asked whether all this has disappeared from the party.

“You can’t find such quotes made by me”, Jobbik’s chairman replied. He added that he used to look the other way, despite that he never agreed with these statements. He apologised to everybody a year ago, and today such “lapses” can’t happen without consequences.

Regarding Jobbik’s approach towards the European Union, he said that even though the EU’s situation has worsened, Hungary must remain a member of it.

In the interview it was mentioned that Jobbik is rumoured to have close connections to Russia. Gabor Vona strongly insisted that they received neither money, nor other support Russia, and they wouldn’t even accept it, unlike the French National Front.

Vona said that “it might sound a bit over-confident”, but he is the last bastion of Hungarian democracy. He doesn’t consider Viktor Orban a democrat. According to Jobbik’s president, Orban is undermining press freedom, the independence of public bodies, private ownership, the freedom of businesses, attacks NGOs and the autonomy of universities.

Gabor Vona things system is built on its popularity, its only topic is migration, inciting and scaring the society. But once the popularity built on this disappears, the system collapses, because there’s no effective governmental activity behind it.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI



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