“It’s already clear, that we’re not politicising in a democracy anymore”

“With our parliamentary presence we loudened the issues represented by the civil society, from violence against women, housing, people affected by foreign currency loans to chimney-sweepers”, the green LMP party’s prime ministerial candidate, Bernadett Szel said in an interview with daily Magyar Nemzet.

The politician told the newspaper that they’re prepared for governance (according to most polls their support is around 7% – Hungary Journal). She thinks the really serious, intensive campaigning starts from January.

“It’s already clear, that we’re not politicising in a democracy anymore and that press freedom doesn’t apply”

Bernadett Szel stated.

Regarding a possible opposition cooperation, alliance she said: she doesn’t rule out cooperating with others, but only with those, who are interested in a in moving into a new era. “But the politicians and parties of the last 27 years are not like that”, she added.

She also mentioned that the State Audit Office  – led by a former Fidesz politician – fined several opposition parties, including LMP, after fining the strongest opposition party Jobbik.

“I’ve said before that it’s in the air, we can always become the next ones. It indeed happened and it was perfectly expected that Fidesz is to misuse its power this way”, Bernadett Szel said.

She thinks its alarming that there’s been no substantive investigation, the scale of the fine is random, “this is really a demonstration of power by Fidesz, to show that they can do even that”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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