Hungary govt boosts family support

Families will get enhanced government support in 2018, which has been declared a year dedicated to families, the state secretary for family, youth and international affairs said on Wednesday.

Couples planning a family or already raising children will received additional support, Katalin Novak told a press conference. Among the forms of support, she cited family-friendly taxation rules, favourable changes in child-care fees for university graduates, added support for mortgage holders, the option of relief on student loan repayments as well as the continuation of the kindergarten development scheme.

She added that a new scheme dubbed Umbilical Cord will be launched in 2018, targeted at Hungarians whose children are born abroad.

The ruling Fidesz party said that if it depended on the opposition, families would not be in a position to move forward. Janos Halasz, the Fidesz parliamentary group spokesman, told a news conference that at stake in the spring general election was whether the government would protect Hungarian families and help them, or whether families “are once more left in a state of insecurity and alone to bring up their children, to school them and create their homes”. He insisted that the opposition parties hated the government’s measures to help families.

“On the left, the same people are preparing [for power], who when in power subjected Hungarian families to serial austerity measures,”

he said.

Hungary is dedicated to solving demographic problems by strengthening families instead of promoting and organising migration, the head of parliament’s welfare committee told a meeting of Visegrad Group family policy parliamentary committees last week. Every country must find its individual response to demographic challenges, Gabriella Selmeczi, of ruling Fidesz, said. It is acceptable if other countries try to counterbalance demographic decline with migrants but Hungary does not need to resort to such a method as it has a successful family policy supported by a work-based society, she said.

Source and photo: MTI

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