Domotor denounces witch-hunt against Poland

The mandatory relocation quota will be on the agenda of the next Euroepean Council meeting, Csaba Domotor, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister told Magyar Hirlap. According to the Fidesz politician Hungarian ministries are already analysing how to protect the country from the “Soros plan” which includes relocation too.

Domotor stressed the importance of the national consultation’s record participation, calling it a sign that “Hungarians don’t want a million migrants to resettled into Europe per year”. According to the state secretary so far the EU has only been taking about external border control, without focusing its political and economic resources on it. “They rather focus on the mandatory, unlimited relocation quota”, he added. According to Domotor there are still many leaders who consider migration a possibility to handle workforce problems, but it’s not an effective approach.

Domotor pointed out that EU institutions hasn’t given up on the relocation quota, and they want to break the protest of member states by threatening them of cutting their funds. According to the politician the Article 7 procedure against Poland is also a way of pressurising, “the same kind of witch-hunt we experienced after 2010”.

Hungary Journal


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