Orban’s advisor warns of another migration wave

If the forecast, that 60 million people will come from Africa to Europe comes true, Western Europe will face not only cultural, ideological, economic and public health issues, but the significant deterioration of internal security as well, the Prime Minister’s Chief Security Advisor told Echo TV.

Bakondi reminded that the Visegrad Four countries have agreed to contribute 35 million euros to finance a border control programme in Libya managed by Italy, because another migration wave from Africa can have incalculable repercussions for Europe. He pointed out that in 2015 people arrived in Hungary from 106 countries, who completely disregarded the EU’s and Hungary’s laws.

Regarding whether there is an actual terror threat in Hungary, Bakondi said that Hungarian authorities have no information about concrete plans of terror acts.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Kormany.hu


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