Orban: We must protect the Christian culture

In his Christmas message published in Hungarian daily Magyar Idok, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, referring to mass immigration, stresses that “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” today means that we have to love our neighbours, but we also have to protect our homelands, nations, families, culture, the European civilisation.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of Christian identity, which determines everything in Europe, from birth to everyday life and to death.

“Our culture is the culture of life. Our starting point, the alpha and omega of our philosophy is the value of life, the dignity every person received from God – without this, we couldn’t value “human rights” and other modern phenomena either. And this is why is questionable for us, whether these can be imported into civilisations built on different pillars,”

he wrote. According to Orban, “the fundaments of European life are under attack”.

“We don’t want our Christmas markets to be renamed, and we definitely don’t want to retreat behind concrete blocks (…) We don’t want our Christmas masses to be surrounded by fear and distress. We don’t want out women, our daughters to be harassed in the New Year’s Eve crowd,”

the prime minister stressed.

“We, Europeans are Christians. This is ours, this is how we live,” Orban wrote, adding that Christian culture, just like our immune system, seems to be self-evident, as long as it works, but we will definitely notice its absence when it starts to weaken.

“Europe’s immune system is being deliberately weakened. They want us to stop being who we are. They want us to become those who we don’t want to be. They want us to mix with people from another world and to change in order to make it trouble-free. In the light of Christmas candles, we can clearly see the attacks against Christian culture, the attempts to dissolve Europe. They want to take away our own life and change it to something which is not our life”,

Orban stressed, adding that the offered alternative, the “more enlightened life” is some kind of abstract utopia.

“The year 2017 confronted European countries with a historic task. The national governments, elected by European free nations, free citizens, must protect the Christian culture. Not against others, but for ourselves, for the protection of our families, nations, countries, Europe,”

he wrote. This year, according to the prime minister, some European leaders think that the problem doesn’t exist, some think it’s progress, some are giving themselves up and some are waiting for others to solve the problem. But Hungary is different, he wrote.

“Our starting point has always been that we have the right to our own life. And when we had the power for that, we protected it”,

the prime minister stressed and promised that his government will do everything to keep Europe European.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Kormany.hu

12 thoughts on “Orban: We must protect the Christian culture

  1. May Almighty God keep, bless, protect and prosper Prime Minister Viktor Orban, in all his efforts, words and deeds on behalf of Christian peoples everywhere. In Jesus’ name – I believe.


  2. I am a patriotic Jewish American and strong supporter of the state of Israel. I represent many like me when I say that we admire and respect the courageous stand that Hungary and Orban have taken against muslim immigration .
    We are supporting you!


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