Orban’s party controls the left-wing opposition?

The left-wing opposition is in a deepening crisis. The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) is in decline since the change of government in 2010. It’s not able to form a cohesion on the left anymore, but they are constantly negotiating and arguing with the other small left-wing parties. This is why Jobbik, which is in progress of becoming a people’s party, is an alternative for left-wing voters too.

It shows the seriousness of the left’s crisis, that the former socialist prime ministerial candidate told a local news site in the southern city of Szeged – where he is the mayor – that the left-wing parties only want to have a group in the next parliament, but they don’t want to replace the government. He added that the ruling Fidesz party has deeply infiltrated these parties and is thus controlling them.

After his resignation, Laszlo Botka hasn’t given any interviews. Szeged’s mayor spoke to Szeged.hu about the recent events.

“I didn’t think that the opposition leaders only want a group, not to replace the government. One can say that there’s no chance anyway to replace Fidesz. Several opposition leaders are pursuing their policies according to this opinion, and they’re only talking about how big their group should be. But those who hope to replace the government, is this what they want? Obviously not. I was wrong to think that these party leaders can be convinced, and that their voters are more important for them than their own political survival. I didn’t know either that how deeply is Fidesz present in the life of these opposition parties, how much it’s controlling them. It really shocked me”.

Botka said that after he was elected PM candidate, Fidesz was leading an “incredible media offensive” against him, and in many cases, it were the left-wing politicians who provided ammunition.

Hungary Journal


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