Hungarians stick to traditional family roles

The Hungarian society still believes in traditional family roles, Zsuzsanna Makay, scientific member of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office’s Demographic Institute said in the M1 news channel’s programme.

According to the researcher this means that the majority still thinks that it’s the man’s role to earn money, and the woman’s to raise the children and to run the household.

She added that the opinion that mothers should stay home until their children are 3 years old, haven’t changed in the last 30 years. Around 75% of the society agrees with this.

Hungary is dedicated to solving demographic problems by strengthening families instead of promoting and organising migration, the head of parliament’s welfare committee told a meeting of Visegrad Group family policy parliamentary committees on Thursday. Every country must find its individual response to demographic challenges, Gabriella Selmeczi, of ruling Fidesz, said. It is acceptable if other countries try to counterbalance demographic decline with migrants but Hungary does not need to resort to such a method as it has a successful family policy supported by a work-based society, she said.

Source: Hungary Journal/MTI

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