Szajer: The EU must win back the trust of its citizens

Europe is in trouble, mainly because it has lost its confidence, and its citizens have less faith in the effectiveness of joint action, Jozsef Szajer, vice-chair of the European Parliament’s EPP group writes in an op-ed for Hungarian daily Magyar Idok.
According to the Fidesz politician the leaders of the integration have spent too much time building the institutions, grabbing practical and ideological positions, silently limiting the sovereignty of the nations states, and they didn’t have enough time for the European citizens themselves; so now their idea has less supporters than ever before.

There’s a common impression, he writes, that the EU is able to take care of its daily routine tasks, but can’t handle the big challenges, such as Brexit, military aggression close to its borders, or the eurocrisis. According to Szajer external powers, multinational economic conglomerates, global hedge funds, organisations who represent aggressive lobby interests or even crime organisations are leading the way and the EU is just reacting, not leading.

The most important task now is to get back the support of the people, for the success of the European project and political stability, he writes, adding that Christian democratic parties have a big responsibility.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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