Majority supports Christian values

The majority of Hungarians consider their country’s Christian roots important with more than three-fourths of them favouring a government policy protecting Christian values, a year-end survey released by the Szazadveg Institute on Thursday showed.

The think-tank conducted the survey in light of the migration crisis Europe has been facing over the past years and the “spread of multiculturalism” which it said was a growing threat to Christian traditions and cultural values on the continent. It said that fully 77 percent of respondents favoured a government policy that treats the protection of Hungary’s Christian foundations and values as a priority whereas 20 percent disagreed with such a policy line.

Respecting Christian traditions was considered important for the majority of those surveyed, irrespective of their political leanings, Szazadveg pointed out. Even among those sympathising with the political left, 54 percent said Christian traditions must be protected, it said.

Among those with no religious affiliation, 46 percent said they saw no need for protecting Christian values, whereas 43 percent said the opposite, the institute said.
Szazadveg conducted the survey by phone on a sample of 1,000 people between December 12-18.

Source: MTI

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