Guaranteed security during holidays

The Hungarian authorities will make every possible effort to guarantee security during the upcoming holiday season, with police, the counter-terrorism force TEK and the army applying overt and covert methods for protecting visitors to Christmas fairs and other public events, the domestic security advisor to the prime minister said on Thursday.

While Hungary’s domestic security is stable, the situation in western Europe has significantly deteriorated in the recent period mainly as a result of dangerous persons arriving with the wave of migrants, radicalised groups of Muslim youth and former soldiers of the Islamic State terrorist group returning to the continent, Gyorgy Bakondi told a press conference.

He further expressed his disappointment that EU leaders don’t share the Hungarian government’s standpoint that problems should be treated in the countries the migrants are coming from.

Gyorgy Bakondi stressed that European authorities introduced a number of special measures to secure the holiday events, for example by surrounding Christmas markets by concrete blocks, but their efforts proved to be unsuccesful. He reminded about the attack against the Christmas fair in Berlin last year, which was preceded by several months of the German authorities’ unsuccesful effort to deport the future attacker.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal


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